I L.O.V.E. My Desk

When I moved into my new place I lost a dedicated room for a study. That was fine though, because we did have a formal dining room. Since  we're not formal dining people, that room became our study.  

Since our study, living room and kitchen are basically one open space, I knew putting the study  together was important. It had to be pleasing to the eye and match the color schemes of the other adjoining spaces.

In my last home we had all dark colors, in this new space I wanted everything light and bright. My last desk was black so I decided to sell it on Craigslist and buy something new. 

Buying a white desk was hard. I wanted something with a modern look, big enough for my computer, but not too oversized or bulky. I also, of course, didn't want to spend too much money. My search took a few weeks but on Wayfair I finally found the perfect fit.

The desk is modern, has a couple of drawers for pens and such, fits my computer/desk lamp and is also a small fit for the space. Also, it's adorable, and gets lots of compliments  

The desk is currently on sale for $247. The best part? It comes in all kinds of fun colors. Shipping for this item is free. And yes, it was super easy to assemble. 

To view the desk click HERE. Some of my favorite colors are below.  



*I am not a paid endorser of this product. Opinions are my own.