Where Have I Been?

Hi Friends! It's been awhile... Where have I been, you ask? Seemingly everywhere-except here.

I am sure you heard that in October I released my memoir From Depths We Rise. The promotion of that book kept me busy and quite honestly took a lot out of me. I decided to take a few week blogging break, and then the holidays came and before I knew it weeks had turned into months. OOPS!

So, I unintentionally took my first extended blogging break since I began this blog nearly 7 years ago. It was much needed. I look at writing as an art and this blog is my canvas. If I am not feeling inspired, I rarely write content just to have it. I only want to leave you with my heart on paper, so I took some much needed time to refresh and get back to that space. 

The good news is, I am ready to return to blogging regularly in 2017! I'm excited to get back into the writing groove and open up, once again, on all the details of my world. This is sacred space for me and it's an honor to share with you. I also have some tricks up my sleeve for some fun, new content that you all are sure to enjoy. Stay tuned for an announcement in the coming weeks! Cliffhanger....

In the meantime, I wanted to do a wrap-up of some of the places I got to tell my story over the last few months. If you are a fan of all things Journey of Sarah, you will love all of the interviews, as many of them tell my story in new and unique ways. These aren't the only places I did interviews, but they were by far some of my favorite ones. Hope you enjoy!

100 Huntley Interview-My first trip to Canada and my first sit-down interview for a television show. Such a big moment for me. To view click HERE

People.Com Story-So grateful for the ways People has championed our story, twice now! Loved catching back up with them for an update. To read click HERE

The Happy Hour Podcast-Jamie Ivey is my absolute favorite podcaster and I was beyond thrilled to get to be a guest on her show. To listen click HERE

Homespark Podcast-What I loved about this interview: I was asked me several questions no one has ever thought to ask before. Such a good one. To listen click HERE

Faithwire Story-We first met Billy Hallowell when he covered our story for The Blaze. Now he's moved over to Faithwire. I loved getting to catch up with him for both a story and a podcast interview. To view both click HERE

Fox 25 News-Our local news-station came out and did a story on our family. I also joined them in-studio later on for a live interview. Both were such an honor to do since it's media in my home-town. To view more click HERE

Inspired to Action Podcast-It's always fun to do an interview when you get to talking and realize you have some of the same friends! Small world indeed. Love my chat with Kat on her show. To listen click HERE

Faithtalk Radio-My first live radio interview of many, this time for a station in Atlanta, one of my favorite cities. These guys made it easy. To listen, click HERE

MTL-This is a feature I did for MTL Magazine on ways to come along side the grieving during the holidays. The feature is on page 94. To view click HERE

Crosswalk-A feature I did for Crosswalk on finding hope in the darkest places. To read click HERE