When A Sports Hero Breaks Your Heart-Huffington Post

For those of you who don't know I am now a Huffington Post Blogger! Don't worry, it doesn't take anything away from this site. It just means that once a month or so I pop over to their site to blog. It's fun to be able to have several different forums in which to share, and the Huffington Post was on my writers bucket list for a long while. 

In my 2nd article for HuffPo I wanted to write about something different from the norm. Kevin Durant leaving our OKC Thunder was pretty much all my entire state seemed to be talking about on July 4th. I was shocked along with everyone else.

Since I'm a writer I do my best processing with words and a keyboard. I couldn't resist writing a piece on this subject. This is this first, and most likely last time I'll ever venture into the sports world as far as writing is concerned. But when a sports hero breaks your heart, it's pretty easy to find the words to say.

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