Question: What is Ellis future health prognosis and has she had any recent scans?

Ellis has not had any scans since her hospital stay a year ago. The reason for this is simply because they have not (thankfully) been imminently necessary and would not change our current approach to how she is being treated. People can sometimes forget that these tests involve radiation that can be very harmful to babies, especially when a child has already had numerous tests performed prior. That coupled with the fact that she would have to be put to sleep for the scans make it something that is not immediately necessary or of added value. Scans are meant to give you a clear picture as to the status of the brain and a picture of what is to come based on that status. While I do agree scans can be useful in many cases, in hers she is already doing 100% of the things that the "scans" said she would never do. Sometimes there's what the medical books say a scan will mean and then there's the reality of what you see in front of you. In our instance those have been two wildly different things and the medical team around us wholeheartedly agree. 

As far as her future-simply put Ellis is an anomaly. I don't throw the word miracle around lightly but there's no doubt she is one. We are constantly told by many Nurses and Doctors that there's no medical explanation for how she's able to do so well. For that reason, they honestly have no idea how to define what her future holds. Other Doctors have told us that they believe she will catch up in the years to come and make a marked recovery. The most important thing is she is making continual progress/steps forward every single day. We expect that to continue to be the case as her brain grows and heals. There are many fascinating studies about the brains ability to grow and adapt, especially when the injury in question occurs at an early age. While you never "want" to have a brain injury, the younger you are when the injury occurs the greater the odds for recovery. 

I will repeat again there's really no way to gage this baby girl. She stands in contrast to everything she "should" be. We believe there are NO limits to who she WILL be. We are believing for great things.

Thank you so much for your question Kelley!