Question: You're All About Non-Toxic Living, Why?

Answer: Why all the fuss about Non-Toxic living? Why is it so important?

One of the questions I am probably asked most often is about my journey with trying to live as non-toxic of a lifestyle as possible.

I guess I would break down my "why's" into two parts:

#1 Why we started the journey and #2 Why we continue it.

I'll begin with the "Why we started".

We started our journey, mainly because of asthma. My husband and I both suffered from it. I noticed once I went through my typical bathroom a scrub-down with Lysol/Comet/Windex, even with the windows open my eyes were burning and I could barely breathe.

After several incidents that left me feeling like my chest was closing up, I started looking into chemical free ways to clean our home.

From there it spilled over to soaps/laundry detergents because of my sensitive skin issues. Then we eventually moved over to beauty products and food.

The more I started to use the non-toxic products the more I loved them. I loved how they made me feel, their smell, cleaning power and best of all the fact that they weren't wrecking my health

The "Why we continued" was because of cancer.

After Joel got sick we started to look into going even further with non-toxic living. Why would you fight cancer, then negate your progress by using products that can cause cancer? Once we realized much of what we put on our skin is absorbed/enters into our blood stream, we realized non-toxic living had to become a way of life for us.

Living this way became the norm and with just a few small changes it could for you too.

Here's some easy tips to start off.

  • Cleaning Products: Think simple. A glass bottle filled with water and a few drops of lemon oil will work wonders. Pure Baking Soda also goes a long way as a cleaning agent. Both of these are less expensive then traditional cleaning methods.
  • Eat Organic: Not sure where to start? Looking up the Dirty Dozen list. If you can only afford a few organic items, start with this list.
  • Beauty Products-We use coconut oil for moisturizing and olive oil bar soap to cleanse. I know women are all about the beauty products! You don't have to switch over everything to non-toxic, I know how expensive that can be. Instead go to There you can look up which of your drug store cosmetics have the least chemicals. The lower you can get on the green scale the better. You might be surprised what you find. One of my favorite Loreal mascaras made the list-yay!
  • Essential Oils-These are your best friends for everything. (Always make sure they are 100% pure, therapeutic grade). You can clean with them and use them instead of many medicines. Did you know traditional air fresheners contain cancer-causing carcinogens? No problem, just diffuse with essential oils to make your home smell fresh. The possibilities with these babies are endless. We are never without our oils.

Making the switch to non-toxic living can seem difficult at first, but don't let it overwhelm you. The internet contains a wealth of information on products to avoid as well as alternative options to try. Get familiar with your product ingredients and what they mean, if they are dangerous or not. Start small, but be faithful in your journey.

A few small changes will go a really long way. It's a worthwhile investment.