Question: Why did you leave NYC and move back to Oklahoma?

Many of you know I'm from Oklahoma. I moved from Oklahoma to NYC simply because I'd always dreamt about getting out of the bubble I was from, living in the big city, experiencing new ways of life, and meeting new people. My first month there I unexpectedly met my future husband Joel (who was born and raised in NY). I told my parents there was no way I could ever see myself leaving the city. I had a crush on New York for years. After actually moving there my crush turned into a full-blown love affair. 

So why did I leave NYC? I am asked this question often. 

Joel and I dated, got married and a few years after moving cross-country my husband and I had some very real, adult decisions to make. NYC is EXPENSIVE guys. We had decent jobs, no debt, yet we were barely scraping by living in our one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx. We wanted children. Once we started to think in light of that we knew we wanted them raised in a quieter environment, in a home, with a yard and bedroom of their own. Simply put we wanted to give them the world. As hard as we tried we knew we wouldn't be able to make that happen for them in New York. 

Leaving NYC was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make. If it would've just been my husband and I we would have never left. In fact nearly all of our group of friends from New York have started families, moved their families out of the city, to different states around the US, in search of the same thing-something better than what we had. 

Joel fell in love with Oklahoma quickly and told me repeatedly how happy he was with the choice we'd made. Oklahoma is not nearly as fun/flashy, but it's an easy place to call home. We felt fortunate to live here although we always, always missed city-life. I still do. 

NYC has such a strong part of my heart. Moving there was the single most life-changing decision I've ever made. I try to get back yearly, which doesn't always happen. Every time my plane lands my heart is about to burst with happiness. I go out front, grab a cab, rattle off an address to the driver and am whirling through the city in no time. I feel like I'm home again, because I am. And the fact that my love story began in my most favorite city in the world? Well, that just makes it all the more special. 

Thank you for your question Laura!