Question: What Was IVF Like For You?

Answer: Many girls live their entire life dreaming of the day they'll have children, I was no different. Being a Mom was something I wanted more than anything. My Mom got pregnant with me quickly and there was no reason to believe it wouldn't be just as easy for me.

I never would've imagined my dream of having a child would lead me from doctors office to doctors office.

In my new book (From Depths We Rise-coming October 1st) I go really deep into our infertility journey, every high and every low. Today's question is about one aspect in particular, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Our journey started with tests, tests and more tests. When it was determined there was nothing standing in the way of having children it became about finding the way to make it happen.

The first thing our Doctor tried was 3 rounds of infertility drugs and nothing more. That didn't work.

Next I had a surgery to remove cysts from my ovaries, also didn't work.

Finally it got to the point where my regular OB had done all she could do and I was referred to an infertility specialist.

Everything went up a notch from there.

We were given two different options, IUI or IVF. We settled upon IVF because we had more control over how many embryos were going inside my body.

So what are my thoughts on IVF?

Well, it's the most unnatural way in the world to get pregnant. It's clinical and sterile. I gained weight, each time, from all the hormones I was given. I had invasive ultrasounds weekly. I had too many blood draws to count and had to give myself painful shots, in my belly then in my hip muscle, for 16 weeks total.

It was expensive (thankfully most of ours was covered by insurance-which is not the norm). It was painful. It was draining. It was emotional.

IVF is a commitment, a physical as well as mental one. It is not for everyone.

But is it worth it?

I would say for me 1,000% yes. It gave me my two miracle babies. Yes, it was a hard way to get pregnant. Yet much like labor, once it was over, the pain was forgotten. What remained was the result I'd always dreamt of.

IVF isn't for everyone but I'll always remain thankful for it, because it gave me my babies, my most precious gifts.

Do you have questions about IVF? Feel free to comment below and I'd be glad to answer.