Question: What Is Your Greatest Hope For The Future?

Answer: I have many. The most simply stated one is that I hope to raise two happy and healthy children, who love deeply and know the Father intimately. I want both of my children to walk in true joy. Joy that radiates from the inside out because they are confident in who they are and assured of what they believe.

For myself I hope to walk out the purpose I was created for. I believe that to be telling my story and giving hope to others encountering impossible situations. I pray to never again be in a position where I am simply existing in a space that merely provides for our needs, but to walk abundantly in the passions of my heart and the overflow of that will be that all our needs are met.

I also hope to continue through this journey of grief, to a place where the joyous moments far outweigh the sad ones. I know to a degree they will always walk side by side, but I hope to hit a stride where the former will far exceed the latter, slowly we are getting there.

Of course I have big dreams and things I would like to accomplish, but everything else pales in comparison to raising my children, and living out our purpose as a family. To love Him, to be loved by Him, and spread that love, hope and joy to others. Having lost my husband I live life from such a place of eternal perspective, that life is so very short. I hope to always live in this space, letting go of the things that don’t matter and clinging tightly to the things that do.  


Thank you for your question Elizabeth!