Question: Is There Anything You Would Not Blog About?

Answer: Yes, there is. No matter how tempting it sometimes is, I would never, ever post about politics or controversial world events. 

Something you don't know about me is I am a total news junkie. I frequently check a variety of news sites throughout the day to keep up with the going's on of this world. I love to read all of the news features floating around the internet. I definitely keep up with each candidate and have strong political views and opinions of my own. 

But, and there is a big but. 

I do not feel as if this is the community/forum to express them.

As a blogger I have always tried to "stay in my lane" so to speak, have my subjects I'm passionate about and keep those things the focus. 

For me that includes keeping things positive on my blog and veering away from negativity. I don't see a point in posting content in an effort to persuade people to have the same opinions I do. I welcome all different kinds of opinions and view points on this blog. Other bloggers may see their mission differently, and that's just fine. There is room for all of us. 

I take any content I put on this site very seriously. An example of this would be the L.O.V.E. series I recently started, blogging about things I love. I thought long and hard about if this is something I should add to the blog, because the content was un-like the typical family/inspirational blogs I tend to write. In the end I decided it was something that allowed you, the reader, to know more about me and the things that inspire me/bring me joy on a daily basis. It was also something that was fun and stayed in my lane of keeping things in a light-hearted positive tone. It's become a fun addition to the site and thankfully one you all have responded well too!

At the end of the day my goal is that you walk away from anything I do or say, feeling uplifted and inspired. I don't ever try to gloss over the fact that my journey has been very painful at times. But what I want to focus on is finding the good in it, and being the good in the midst of it. 

There is enough negativity that you see in the world around us. I hope this is a space you can come to find peace and positivity in the midst of it all. 

Thank you so much for your question Andrea!