Question: Do You Have Any Hidden Passions/Talents?

Answer: I am not sure if this is a talent, but there is definitely something I am passionate about and that would be creating! I don't limit it to only writing. To me there is nothing better than coming up with an idea, visualizing it in your head and making your vision come to life.

I am very involved in any type of creative process I'm a part of. I worked with my graphic designer for hours on every detail for this site, all the way down to each and every font type. Details are so important to me. I am currently working with my Publisher on ideas for creating the cover for my book. I have been involved with the film-makers on lots of the creative process for the documentary, I even have a super top secret music project in the works that you will find out about later!

I just love to create. It's not confined to only one realm for me. I find joy in the details and executing them to perfection. 

A creative idea, to me is almost like a pregnancy. There is the part when the idea is conceived, then you have the the time where it's grown and incubated, then you literally "give birth" so to speak. To see your idea come to life, and even take on a life of it's own, there is nothing better. 

Oh, I also love to take things and make them beautiful. If I ever had a #2 choice for a career it would be interior design. Again, for me it is all about seeing an vision come to life and bringing beauty to it. If I had the money to redecorate my house once a year I probably would just for the creative part of it! There's nothing that makes my heart come alive more.

Thanks for your question Betsy! If you have a question, send it my way. I would love to answer it.