Question: Do your kids names having any special meaning?

Answer: Yes!! Naming our children was one of the most important tasks we've ever had to do. It's something that will follow them around their entire lives and is one of the first things defining who they are. 

My name is very common. Growing up in school I was always one of many "Sarah's" so I grew up in life being known as Sarah S. which I was never a fan of. I knew I wanted to give my children a name that was unique enough to set them apart but not too unique that it set them apart for the wrong reasons. It was also important to give them a name with strong meaning. 

Milo Andrew was chosen for many reasons. My husband's middle name is Emilio as was his Father's name. Milo seemed like a good compromise to keep a family name but also shortening it to make it more modern. I like to pair unique first names with classic middle names. Andrew is a very classic name and it has roots for both sides of our family. Milo means "Soldier" & Andrew means "Warrior". After struggling for years with infertility we definitely felt that Milo was a baby who exhibited both those qualities in order to finally come to us and make our dreams to be parents come true. 

Ellis Claire's naming process was very unique. Ellis was actually named because of a dream I had. When I looked up the meaning of her name it was the same as her Daddy's. The meaning is "Jehovah is God". Her middle name, we went with a classic one again. Claire means "Bright, shinning and clear". We believed from the start that her life would be a bright and shinning light that declares Jehovah is God. 

The detailed story of Ellis' name is one I love to tell and I previously did in a post on my blog. You can read all about it here:

Thank you so much for your question Emily!