Question: Do you have help with your kids?

YES! Lots!! We have a young girl who has been with our family since Milo was only 2 months old. She's now part of the family and like a big sister to my kiddos. My kids adore her, we all do. She's such an amazing help to us and a gift to our lives. 

Between her and myself we keep the house going during the day. Having her help allows me to work from home in the mornings, writing while she watches the kids. She also stays with Milo while I get Ellis to all her weekly appointments which in and of itself is like a part-time job some weeks (like this week we have 3!!)

My parents are also great support! They live only a block away from me. One or both of them come over in the evenings to help with the crazy bedtime routine. Milo especially loves having them over or going to their house for one-on-one time. That's when he gets to roughhouse and play fighting games with my Dad. My parents are great & there for anything we need. 

I'm a really independent person who doesn't like asking for help. But I'm also a single Mom of two young children and as humbling as it can be, I know I need it. Even with help it is so, so hard to be a single Mom. At the end of the day everything rises and falls on me. It's a heavy load. 

Life won't be this hard forever. It's a season. But I'm so grateful for the team I have around me to make it work in this season. They are the greatest. 

Thanks for your question Staci!