I L.O.V.E. Salt Lamps

Those who know me best always tell me I'm a bit of a "hippie" so to speak. I'm all into organic, non-toxic living, essential oils and have been a vegetarian for almost a decade now. The list of "all-natural" things in my home goes on and on. 

You'll hear me frequently talk about products in the above categories, because they are a major part of my life.  

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite purchases for my home, my Himalayan Salt Lamps. 

From a decorative stand-point Salt Lamps are absolutely beautiful to look at. They give off a sort of Amber hue which is very relaxing and calming.  

Not only are they beautiful they have many health benefits, which is the main reason I purchased the lamps for my family. 

So what exactly does a Salt Lamp do?  

To put it simply, a Salt Lamp acts as an air purifier. It helps clean the air by releasing negative ions. For that reason it helps greatly with allergies which my son and I both suffer mightily from.  

Here are some additional health benefits Salt Lamps can provide:

-Improved Breathing

-Better Sleep

-Increased Energy

-Reduced Stress

I can say I've undoubtedly noticed a difference in breathing and allergy issues since we've added these lamps to our home. Either way, the are inexpensive and lovely to look at, so I believe these lamps are a win.  

One lamp won't cut it for your entire home, as it is limited in the range it will cover. For that reason it's best to get multiple ones. I have a lamp in each of our bedrooms and one in the Living Room.  My kids use theirs as a nightlight. 

You can typically purchase your Salt Lamp (make sure it is Himalayn) at your local mall. I purchased ours on Amazon, where most of my life is purchased from, ha! Another good thing, the lamps are inexpensive, typically around $20 per lamp. 

These little lamps pack a mighty punch. Give them a shot, I think you'll love them too.   


 *I am not a paid endorser for this product. Opinions are my own.