I L.O.V.E. Nutri Ninja

For about a year I went through a phase where I juiced every, single day. I loved the nutritional benefits but to be honest it was a lot of work and very costly. For those of you who don't know what juicing is it takes a fruit/vegetable and extracts the juice while discarding the rest as pulp.

Another downside was it took lots of fruit in order to get a very small amount of juice. That could be costly, not to mention I have yet to find a juicer that isn't a beast to clean.

Once I became a Mom I had a hard time figuring out how to keep juicing as a part of my crazy busy lifestyle. Even though my juicing routine fell by the wayside I knew I eventually wanted to find something else to take its place.

Enter smoothies.

Smoothies take the whole fruit, blending it up completely to make a liquid. When you do it this way you also get the fiber as well, which appealed to me. There's a lot more variety of smoothies you can make and it's fun to play with different ideas. The best part, a little fruit goes a long way.

My favorite tool for smoothie making is my Nutri Ninja. This is one powerful little gadget. It blends all types of fruit/veggies and anything frozen, in seconds. It blends so well that it's completely smooth, no chunkiness or gross stuff left behind. It's also super easy to clean, all you have to do is wash out the cup and you're good to go.

You can buy the Nutri Ninja anywhere kitchen stuff is sold. I bought mine years ago at Bed, Bath and Beyond-using my 20% off coupon of course! It came out to around $70. For an additional cost they have the option of adding an actual full size blender on top as well.

Anyone with a hectic lifestyle will love the Nutri Ninja for a healthy convenient way to get in those fruits and veggies. You can also use it to chop things and make healthy salad dressings as well. This little guy packs a powerful punch.

To see what the Nutri Ninja is all about click HERE.


*I am not a paid endorser of this product. Opinions are my own.