I L.O.V.E. My Nikes

If only you all could see a picture of me as a child. Oh my goodness I was such a tomboy. My typical uniform consisted of sneakers, big baggy Tshirts and soccer shorts. I was a hot mess. 

Thankfully this tomboy grew up and became an adult who is actually somewhat fashionable on a daily basis. Even though I outgrew the baggy Tshirts a big part of who I was never went away. 

For that reason I am thrilled to tell you that athletic sneakers are having a moment again. You guys, I can't walk in heels. Like, at all. So the fact that it's now fashionable to wear a pair of sneakers? My heart has never been so happy. 

I love a sturdy pair of Chuck Taylor's but I had been eyeing a pair of all Black Nikes for awhile. At the cost of $100 it was waaaaay out of my typical price range. Imagine my shock when I was browsing Nordstrom Rack and I found the EXACT pair I had wanted for 50% off. Happy dance! 

Below is the pair I got. I've included the Foot Locker link HERE where you can buy them at full price. But if you live by a Nordstrom Rack go check out their shoes to see if you can snag yourself a pair.  

I love these shoes because they're cute, comfy and stylish. This whole post isn't only to just push you toward my shoes, although they are certainly something I'm L.O.V.I.N.G. Mostly this post is to tell you athletic sneakers are back and so in-style right now.

So Mama's, go grab yourself a pair of sneakers! Smile at how adorable you look and give your feet a big "you're welcome". 


 *I am not a paid endorser of this product. Opinions are my own.