I L.O.V.E. Essential Oils

Hope you all have enjoyed the L.O.V.E. green series. So far I have tackled my favorite makeup and cleaning products. The last subject I will tackle is one of my very favorites-Essential Oils!

Before I begin I must say, I am in no way writing this blog to create a debate about Essential Oils. There are people out there who think oils are hooey and that's totally fine. I am not trying to convince you otherwise. I'm also not going to post a full instructional blog about how to use the oils, as that would be entirely too long. 

The purpose of today's blog is simply to share my Essential Oil story and then tell you the routine I use for both myself and my children on a daily basis. 

I'll start with my testimony.

I had heard about Essential Oils for years before I took the plunge. Many of my friends were using them, they were all the rage, but I was still skeptical. All of that changed when I had my first child.

By the time he was 3 months old Milo had been to the Doctor multiple times for a reoccurring illness called bronchiolitis. Along with his constant bouts of bronchitis would come extra congestion and double ear infections EVERY TIME. He hadn't even turned 4 months old yet and he'd had 3 rounds of antibiotics, daily breathing treatments and ear tubes were next. 

I had reached my wits end with seeing my child constantly sick so I called one of my girlfriends, who I knew used oils, and asked her what to do. She recommended 3 oils for me to put on Milo's chest and feet every night. I did the routine without fail and miracle of miracles-his illness went away completely. 

I went from having to take him to the doctor every few weeks to not needing to take him in again for sickness until he was 3 years old! 

From that point on I was a believer. I not only heard these oils worked I had seen it with my own eyes. Essential Oils have been life changing for my family and we will use them forever. We are now the family that rarely gets sick and for that I am grateful. 

Before I tell our oil routine I have to say this-all Essential Oils are not created equally. You must look at the label and see if it is a 100% pure therapeutic grade oil. If it does not it means they put a bunch of synthetic fillers in the oils which are #1 bad for you and #2 cause the oils to not be as effective. Do your oils say they are safe to ingest? The pure ones will, the yucky ones won't. That says all you need to know.

Also with oils it is better to use them consistently to prevent sickness before it starts. Yes, you can double down with oils if you get sick. But for us, we prefer to use them to keep us from getting sick in the first place rather than waiting until we get sick and trying to fight it off. 

Yes, oils can be pricey, but in this case I promise you will get what you pay for. The top 2 brands in my opinion are Young Living and DoTerra. I use Young Living. 

Below is the oil routine I use for myself and my kiddos. 


-Progessence Plus (on the inside of my arms), Dragon Time (on my chest) and Endoflex (on my Thyroid)-I suffer from PCOS and Thyroid issues, these are the oils I use to keep myself balanced. Young Living also has a supplement I take for my Thyroid called Thyromin. This routine has helped me get off my old Synthroid medication which I was told I would have to take for the rest of my life.

-Orange (on my wrists)-I am huge about boosting immunity and I love putting this extra dose of Vitamin C on my body. It smells so yummy.

-Lavender (on my T-Zone & inside of my cheek)-I suffer from allergies. Using Lavender helps keep them at bay. During Spring and Fall when allergies are at their worse, I will make an allergy pill with Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint. That helps zap any extra symptoms I am having.

-Lavender (under my nose, on my pillow), Cedarwood (on my big toe) and Stress Away (behind my ears)-I have issues falling asleep, always have. For years I took a Benadryl every night, which is a known carcinogen. Since switching to the oils I have been able to eliminate taking a pill for sleep.

-Thieves (bottom of my feet)-Also helps protect and fight against sickness. I use this as a preventative measure mainly. If I do get sick, which for me is rare, I will use even more of this oil.

-Joy (wrists & neck) I use this as a perfume. I'm so sensitive now to chemicals and if I try to wear perfume it gives me a headache. I love this scent and love the name.  

For my kids their routine is less involved. And no, I do not dilute the oils for my kiddos. Never have. 


-RC (chest & bottom of feet)-This is the oil that completely took away his bronchiolitis. Will forever be one of my favorites. I will also use Eucalyptus if I am running low on RC. 

-Orange (on his wrists)-Again for Vitamin C immune booster.

-Lavender (on T-Zone and bottom of feet)-For allergy protection and to help with sleep. Milo also has sensitive skin so I will use it if he has rash flare ups. 

-Thieves (bottom of feet)-To keep him from getting sick.


-Progessence Plus (a few drops on her head)-Studies have shown that Progesterone can help aid in recovery from traumatic brain injury. I started using this on Ellis the day she came off the vent and have used it daily ever since. 

-Lavender (T-Zone & feet)-For allergies and sleep.

-Thieves (on bottom of feet)-To help protect against sickness. 

-Raindrop in a bottle (down her spine)-I've used this since she came home from the hospital to keep her from getting sick and to make sure her spinal fluid is healthy.

-Ginger (belly) and DiGize (belly)-Both my children have had reflux issues but Ellis' are worse, possibly due to the weakening of her esophagus muscles from her time on the vent. I use both of these oils on her belly to keep her tummy issues calm. I also use a supplement in her evening bottle called Akalyme that's basically an antacid. Once I started these oils she was able to eat without any pain or discomfort. 

-Exodus (feet) Egyptian Gold (feet)-These 2 oils I use on both my kids, religiously, during Cold and Flu season. During the Spring and Summer months we take a break. They helped keep both of my children from getting the flu the last few years when every other single person I know had it.

There are tons of oils we have in our arsenal for specific issues like scrapes, bruises, headaches, sunburns etc. But that is our daily oil routine. 

Young Living has many other wellness products from supplements to health and beauty. They even have an amazing line of cleaning products made from Thieves oil to keeps things clean and germs at bay. Their products have been a game-changer for us and we are so thankful to have found them. To find out more about Young Living click HERE.


 *I am not a paid endorser for this product. Opinions are my own.