I L.O.V.E. Blankets

Aw cozy blankets. Is there anything better? I remember vividly when my love affair with them began.  

I was 16 years old, in Bolivia on a month-long "missions" trip. A few days before we went home, a group of girls and I went out shopping for a few momentos to take home with us. 

I knew exactly what I wanted. 

The entire trip I'd had my eye on these beautiful blankets, weaved with threads made from Lama hair, the local women made and were selling in road-side booths. The blankets were huge, so soft to the touch and each made from vibrant colors. I picked out a gorgeous emerald green one, which I still have to this day. 

Ever since that purchase, blankets have kind of become my thing. If you come to my home I have several throw blankets on my couch and an additional basket overflowing with more in the corner of the room. 

There's something about sitting down and relaxing, with a warm comfy blanket, that is just heaven to me. 

It took me many years but I do believe I have found the worlds most perfect blanket (if there is such a thing).  

They are made by a company called Saranoni (the name of the blanket starts with my name, that just tells you me and these blankets were meant to be!) 

The blankets are heavy, but not too heavy that they're hot. They're made out of amazingly soft fabric that doesn't shed or fall out. The blankets are soft on BOTH sides, which is a big deal to me. I don't like it when they have one soft side but the other side feels like sandpaper against my skin. 

There's all kinds of beautiful colors, shapes and sizes available. And best of all, they look incredibly chic on your bed, or even your sofa.   

Now, I will warn you...the extra-long "adult blankets" are not cheap. At $100 a pop they are for sure an investment. One that I believe is worth it if you're into blankets. I bought mine years ago and use it every single day and night. It's holding up just as perfectly as the day I first received it. 

The smaller kid sizes are much cheaper. Both my children also use theirs daily and it shows no signs of wear and tear. 

If you're looking for a baby shower gift, this is the most perfect gift you could give. They recently started selling bamboo swaddle blankets which are $18. And my most favorite item, the incredibly soft baby blanket, is only $15. You can get that one monogrammed with a baby name. So adorable. 

This brand is definitely worth checking out. My whole crew loves our blankets, especially for family time cuddled up on the couch together. Perfection. 

Check out more from Saranoni HERE and view my favorites below! 

PS-If you are on Zulily, keep an eye out for this brand! Once or twice a year they typically sell them on their site at a deep discount. We ordered several more blankets this way.


 *I am not a paid endorser for this product. Opinions are my own.