I L.O.V.E. Coconut Oil

I love a quote I heard recently about living life as organic and non-toxic as possible. It said this type of lifestyle isn't "new" rather it's going back to the way life simply used to be-pure.

Non-toxic living is something I am asked about constantly. In this L.O.V.E. series you will see me talk a lot about certain products I use that utilize as few chemicals as possible.


Our journey into this lifestyle started about two year's before Joel was diagnosed with cancer. We first started by changing over to non-toxic cleaning products to help with my husband's asthma. We loved it; after cancer entered our lives we changed even more of our lifestyle.

What is non-toxic living? Simply put, it's using products that have as few chemicals as possible. Living non-toxic is just trying to be careful what you put on your skin and breathe in at your home. Eating Organic is trying to eat foods in their purist state, so as not to ingest chemicals or pesticides.

Are we 100% there on both those fronts? Of course not, but we try. I'd say on a day to day basis we are 90% there. If the lifestyle sounds overwhelming, just do what you can. Every little bit helps.


Today I want to talk about one of my favorite products in the world that you just might have right now in your kitchen cabinets. I'm talking about Coconut Oil. No, it's not just for cooking, although it's great for that too! I love to use Coconut Oil for a variety of skin and beauty care needs. 

Coconut Oil is about as pure and non-toxic as you can get. When purchasing your oil make sure it is Certified Organic, virgin and cold-pressed. You don't want to be rubbing any nasty GMO's on your skin.

My favorite brand is one I get at Whole Foods, but Sprouts also has a great off-brand themselves. At Whole Foods a small jar will run you about $6.00-$8.00. I always try to stock up when it's on sale. If you can buy it in larger amounts you actually end up saving more. With the oil, a little goes a long way. I'm totally gaga for this stuff and it smells amazing.

Here are the top ways we use Coconut Oil as a beauty product.


1. Lotion-Coconut oil is the sole body product we use on for family as our lotion. Just rub it on your skin as you would a normal lotion. 

2. Make-Up Remover-This is actually my favorite make-up remover I've ever used. It gets all your make-up off in a snap, yes, even that tough water-proof mascara. You don't even need water to activate it. Just put a small amount in your hand, let it melt and rub all over your face. Rinse with water once complete. 

3. Moisturizer-After I use coconut oil to remove my makeup, I will dry my face and actually put a small amount back on my face and leave it there. Ladies, it's great for wrinkles!

4. Lip Balm-When our lips are really dry we will take a little coconut oil and rub it on our lips for instant moisture.

5. Hair Tamer-Take a teensy amount of oil and rub it to your ends to tame frizz.



 *I am not a paid endorser for this product. Opinions are my own.