February With the Fam

It’s been a long time since I have done a family update, so I figured this second month in 2016 was a perfect time to do one. By the way, how did I blink and January is already gone? If this is any indication of how quickly this year is going to go, it will fly by.

All is well at the Rodriguez house. Crazy busy (what else is new?) but well!


This new-year brought a big milestone for Milo. He is finally potty trained. Can all the Mama's say Amen?! We had two prior unsuccessful attempts, each being some of the most stressful experiences of my life (and that says a lot with my intense life, ha!) So I decided I was going to chill out and wait for my gut to tell me the timing was right. That happened in January and can I just tell you it was a breeze? We gave him motivation in the form of a Darth Vader costume (because it’s all Star Wars all the time in our house these days) and a sticker chart. Once he went 7 days in a row with no accidents, he got his prize. He was motivated, determined and got what he wanted. Here we are a month later and he’s only had one accident at the very start. We even went out of town recently and he did perfectly. I am so proud of him, and also a little bit sad because all remnants of babyhood have pretty much disappeared. It’s hard to watch your baby grow up.


Ellis is still moving mountains. She’s been hard at work going from 2 little teeth to 6! Her eating is still perfect. She recently got her leg braces that she will wear for a bit. The braces help to keep her feet straight and she looks adorable in them. Within a week of being in them she started to stand on her own (with help from us getting to the position). Standing is now her favorite thing in the world and she will do it for as long as we let her! We are thrilled for her. Now that she is doing so well standing, the next major goal will be walking. We have started to work hard on that in therapy. Ellis is getting down everything she needs; it is just more slowly than other babies. But all her therapists are confident she will get there, as am I. I’ve seen so much progress in her just in the past few months


Therapy continues to be our main continual appointment about 1-2 times a week. Other than that she has normal well visits with her pediatrician, eye exams once a year and simple check-ins with Neurology every six months. We are so thankful therapy is our main concern and all the other appointments are just to keep an eye on her. She remains medicine free and has never had another seizure since getting off her medications last July. That is incredible. Ellis is a fighter and a stubborn little thing, but it serves her well. That fight was put within her for a reason. No question with the continued healing of the Lord and her little warrior spirit, she will breeze past every limitation that was once spoken over her. She is also crazy joyful, so no doubt she will laugh as she goes.


As for me, well I have been working hard at this new life-path of full time writing. The new website launch was lots of work but I’m so happy with how it turned out. If you missed the big announcement, my book has a title and release date! From Depths We Rise will be released this October 1st, 2016. As time gets closer I will give you more details on where the book can be purchased. I have been hard at work on book cover selections and final editing re-writes, although it hardly seems like work though because I LOVE everything about the process. Seeing it all come to life is thrilling. I have already started charting out book #2 and will begin the writing process in the next month or so! So basically my life is writing, writing, and more writing. Thankfully I love it.

Now onto the documentary, we are deep in the process on that as well. I recently worked with the filmmakers on some of the script elements and recorded my narration. I loved how it turned out. The release is still set for this fall, but format is still up in the air. A lot of it depends on the success from some of the film festivals it will be entered in. Once I know more about how to get in in your hands, you will be the first to know.


Lastly, we have big plans in the next few months. An extremely kind and gracious family provided an opportunity for our little family to go on the trip of a lifetime. I love traveling with my kiddos and this will be an amazing time to be together and make a ton of memories, before Fall comes and life gets hectic (in a good way!). Once we get home I will share all the details about this special trip. It never ceases to amaze me the kindness of others, and how God uses people to carry out His purposes. I pray that I will always have a tender heart to hear and know the ways He wants to use me to love others well.


Thank you for checking in on us and for your continual prayers for our family. Keep praying and believing with us for accelerated healing and full restoration for our Ellis. Her progress has blown us all away and we know there is still more ahead! 2015 was a tough year but 2016 has already shown us so much love. We are excited for what is to come.