Question: Do You Have a New Years Resolution?

Answer: Yes and No. I tend to fall in line with the thinking that when you make a resolution, 90% of the time we ALL end up breaking them. One thing I am all about is setting goals; there's no better time then the start of the year to think about your goals for the year ahead. 

For 2016 I have set goals both big and small. I won't bore you with all of the small ones, because there are many. What I will share is the biggest goal I have:

Take better care of myself. 

Sound simple? Not so much. 

I feel like most of 2015 we were in survival mode. Ellis came home from the hospital and was still so delicate. It took a good 3 months just to get her to a stable place. All year long nearly 1-3 times a week I have her at one appointment or the other. Of course I also have another child to take care of, work to do and a household to run. It has left zero time for me and I'm realizing just how much I've neglected myself. 

My goal is to carve out a portion of my day, every day, that is just to invest in myself mind, body and spirit. For the mind reading a bit more, for the spirit more time in scripture and for the body making time to work out every day (finally getting rid of this extra pregnancy weight I haven't had the time to shed, that is driving me bonkers). I've neglected these 3 areas badly in the past year because there were hundreds of other things that felt more important. 

What I'm realizing is I have to start working a lot harder at carving out the space in my day for stress relievers that will help me to feel better over all. If I feel better within myself I do better in all other areas of my life. It's kind of like buttoning the top button, so to speak. 

We ladies do such a wonderful job at taking care of everyone around us, sometimes at the expense of ourselves. It's an easy thing to do. I've done it to such a fault this year that I'm realizing how uncomfortable I am in this rut. That means it's time to make a change. 

I plan to work really hard at my goal this year and I'm excited to see what's in store for this new season. 

Thank you for your question Stacy!