And We're Live!

Hello All! The new website has officially launched! I am so excited, I feel as if it is Christmas morning all over again.

The domain switch-over was much quicker than we anticipated, so here I am one day later showing you around my new place. 


Yesterday I talked about making Journey of Sarah a full-service experience, now you get the chance to enter in and see what I mean. 

Here's some highlights. 


The Blog. This is my baby. It will always be the most important part of my site. 

-Under the Recent tab is where you will find all my recent writings. 

-The Featured tab is where I highlight some of my most popular posts in one spot. 

-The Q&A is something I've been doing over on my Facebook page and I'm now bringing it over to my website! (Don't worry FB'ers, I'll still let you know when the question is ready.) There's also a button on the site for an easy way to ask me a question, so ask away!


Projects. This is where all the important stuff I'm working on will be. 

-The Book and Documentary tabs will be jam packed with the most important information as we get even closer to the release dates for both. 

-The Choose Joy Project tab has been beefed up with all kinds of information and photos about what the project entails. When the sign-ups get closer this is the place you will sign up to be a part. 


About. This is the most personalized spot on the entire website. 

-My Bio, to get to know me better.

-Remembering Joel, the most important page on my site, dedicated to all things my husband. Hopefully it gives you an even more in-depth look at who he was and how much we adore him. 

-The Photo section contains all of my favorite family photos. I will be adding to it as time goes on. 

-The Press section is where you can go to find any stories that have been released about our family.

-My Favorites section was a really important feature for me. I wanted you to know and see some of the things I'm currently loving the most. None of it is EVER sponsored or anything I'm paid for. It's just that when I love something I want to tell others about it. This section will also change as I discover new treasures.


Lastly, Connecting

-The Message section is where you will write to get in contact with me. Messages will be filtered and my team will read everything that comes across our desk. Unfortunately (as much as I would love it) I won't be able to personally respond to each individual message but if it's on your heart to share please do, we love to hear your stories. 

-The Booking section is where you will go if you're interested in having me at one of your events. I hope to do so more and more as my schedule opens up this summer/fall. 

-Subscribe, the most important thing! If you haven't yet, be sure to sign up for my newsletter/blog notification. You will love it. 


I couldn't have done this project without my friend and graphic designer Teknician. He's incredible at what he does and didn't even bat an eye when I accidentally deleted a third of the site, twice. Oops. 

If you have any graphic designer needs, I highly recommend him. 

So here we are, the journey continues, this time on a new and improved forum. I hope you feel the love we put into every nook and cranny of the site. There's no blog without you all, I am so grateful for all the love you have shown us. 


Have fun exploring! Be sure to leave some feedback on your way out.